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lose their health insurance, well, at least obama was honest with us. >> if you've got health insurance, you like your doctor, you like your plan, you can keep your doctor, can you keep your plan. if americans like their doctor, they will keep their doctor, and if you like your insurance plan you will keep it. no one will be able to take that away from you. if you're one of the more than 250 million americans who already have health insurance, will you keep your health insurance. if you like your doctor, you will be able to keep your doctor, period. if you like your health care plan, you'll be able to keep your health care plan, period. >> he said period. even his punctuation lies. now the white house calls this a normal turnover, so was pompeii, but at least our leader, valerie jarrett, fought back tweeting from her cockpit within obama's cranium where she pulls the lever where she operates the sly left. he's pinky, she's the brain. the gist, plain it on the insurance company but that's like a landlord tripling your rent and then blaming you for leaving, but at least a 60-year-old man
insurance. obama care is about redistributing costs and in this case it's from younger healthier people on to people who utilize the healthcare system more. >> and would you be satisfied if you could find a comparable program at the comparable price on 00 exchange? would you be content then with obama care? >> that would certainly be a better situation for me, but i'm more insulted by the fact that they're simply taking away my freedom to shop on my own to go directly to insurance carrier. why does there have to be a government middle man between me and the plan i want to choose. >> is there anything to prevent you going to individual insurer. >> in d.c. there is state level laws that basically outlaw the sale or purchase outside of insurance exchange. >> hadley, good luck. do you think you will ever get through on this. >> i don't know. i will explore my options and see what i can do next year. >> the magic date might be december 1st. obama administration says this will all be working as of november 30th. try december 1st. >> thanks. >> good luck. next guest force president obama to st
as 2012. >> let me tell you exactly what obama care did. number one, if you have health insurance it doesn't mean a government takeover. you keep your own insurance, you keep your own doctor. >> you don't, if you're on the individual insurance market. and that is about -- well, 15 million people, potentially, many of them will not keep it. ed henry is our white house chief correspondent, what a day at the white house. >> that is right, second straight day, jay carney was pressed on whether or not the president misled the country, they pressed on this, they know they're under siege, they say anybody one, this is only 5% in terms of the people who buy their insurance and are getting cancellation letters. but as you know, 5% equals about 14 million people potentially that could get these letters, that is a huge chunk of the market, even though it is just 5%. secondly, they said what the president meant was, not what he said, was you could keep your own plan, if you had your own plan before march of 2010, signed into law, you wouldn't be affected. and after that, you're essentially on your own
of obama care. >> insurance companies are cancelling lousy policies with high prices because they can't compete. >> does the aca require insurance companies to discontinue the plans that people had when the law was passed? yes or no? >> not when the law was passed if the plans have not changed. >> sebelius argued that existing plans were grandfathered back in 2010 so people could keep them. but one lawmaker read administration regulations from july of 2010 that anticipated massive cancellations because of obama care. >> the department expects that a large population of individual policies will not be grandfathered, covering up to and perhaps exceeding 10 million people. >> so the very regulations sebelius argues were designed to protect existing plans predicted three years ago that the very same policies would force the cancellation of 10 million plans. and one analyst says most existing plans do not qualify for grandfathering. >> there are some very small changes that insurers could make and remain in the grandfathering provision. but you also have to remember that this grandfatherin
the fact that president obama insured americans that those who like their plans would be able to keep them. the head of covered california says many of those with individual insured plans will soon be getting cancellation notices. the they first said they would be grandfathered in, but an exclusion was later added so now any plans lose their grandfathered status. those who do lose their coverage but they will likely pay a lot more. >>> people with spending less this year on halloween costumes due in part to the obamacare fallout and the government shut down. they estimate americans will spend about a billion dollars less on costumes, masks and decorations. psychologist kate yaro says lower halloween sales are good indicators that the all- important holiday sell will fall short. >> it is showing us consumers are a little bit wary and guarded. >> she says while holiday sales will not be like last year's banner season, they won't be as bad as years with high unemployment. >> in case we have to evacuate, we have a plan of attack. ♪ with no exits on this airplane, exits the in the front. >> a
, evidence the obama administration is leaning on the health insurance companies to keep a lid. drew, what is going on here, what have you learn snd. >> what is going on is behind the scenes attempt by the white house to keep insurerers from publicly criticizing who is happening on this affordable care act rollout. if you speak out, quoted, you'll get a call from the white house, pressure to be quiet. several sources tell me and my colleague chris that insurance executives are being told to keep quiet. bob who heads the health policy, a consulting firm and out spoken critic of obama care says he's getting calls from executives that want him to speak out, anderson, for them about the problems because they feel defenseless against the white house p.r. team. they said the excite house is exerting massive pressure on the industry including trade associations to keep quiet. >> what do they say they are being told to keep quiet about? >> about the fact clarifications were made to the affordable care act after the law was passed and those cla fa cases are forcing the industry to drop plans that d
, this is not happening because of obama care. it's the insurance companies doing it. >> i'm just -- factually that's not really accurate because what carney said is well, insurance companies are taking away plans. in the cases of this 5%, this 15 million people in many cases the reason they are taking away the plans is because the plans are very basic and they don't actually compile with the new requirements under the affordable care act, they don't have maternity leave -- or maternity care. >> i tried to go back and forth with jay carney on this for several minutes. it went on for a long time. anderson, quite frankly, i just don't know if he really answered that question but what they do say is that yes, there are people who are being affected by this. what they aren't really computing or acknowledging, anderson, the reason why they are being affected because their plans don't compile with obama care. they can blame insurance but obama care is causing the cancellations. >> supporters say look, the plans these people have aren't great and too basic and a lot of these people will get better plans.
affected is that their plans don't comply with obama care. they can blame the insurance companies but it's the obama care that's causing this. >> the supporters say the plans that they have, they're not great plans, they're too basic. a lot of these people will get better plans. the flip side it may cost them for, if they don't qualify for subsidies. these new plans may cause them more. >> that's exactly right. there are millions of people zrupgted ed disrupted in all of this. in the pre-obama care era, where they might be out of luck, in the new era, what they might be able to do go online and buy insurance, yes, while the benefits may be better and there might be more coverage, those policies are going to cost more. i talked to an industry representative who said this should never have been a surprise to the white house. this is always something that they knew was coming these high catastrophic plans that americans had are just not going to work with obama care. >> let me know what you think. tweet using #ac360. we're going to continue with howard dean and ralph freed. >>> extreme sur
obama care for that. i would blame the insurance copcope companies -- companies for that. >> that is the old bait and switch. the president had it right in 2010, he said it is a big effing deal, because it is. you have 800,000 people in new jersey who had their insurance cancelled. you had had 3,000 people in florida, blue customers, blue shield people in california lost their coverage. nearly 2 million people lost their coverage, and supposedly only 500,000 have signed up? >> well, we don't know, we didn't get an answer, we know we have 800,000, chris hahn, chuck schumer, jr., 800,000 people in jersey, the san francisco chronicle, thousands in california. if you like your plan, you can keep your plan. is it a lie? >> it was never an accurate statement, i will never accuse the president of lying, it was not an accurate statement. and the people who let him make the statement should not be in the administration. >> lies, the american people are getting hosed here. where is chuck schumer? at his old hotel room in hong kong hiding out? listen, kathleen sebelius and president
because they fall short of obama care requirements. they can buy new insurance under the healthcare law and apply for subsidies. >> did the president mislead american people when he made that comment repeatedly? >> the white house press secretary tried to make the case it's not obama care taking away those individual plans, it's the insurance companies. >> what is absolutely true is if you had a plan before the affordable care act that you liked on the individual market and your insurance company didn't take that away from you and offer something else you purchased, but they provided you the same plan this whole time, you can keep it and that's true. >> cbs news has confirmed 279,000 californians are getting notices that their current policies are no longer adequate under the new law and will be canceled. nationwide, about 2 million people will be forced to shop for a new plan. >>> he's not called the people's pope for nothing. watch as this little boy named carlos jumps on the stage and walks right up to the pope to give him a big hug. yeah. rubs his head there, continues speaking
cancelation notices for their current health insurance even though president obama said if you like your insurance you can keep it. >> he's been on the same page from the very start yet the regulations changed months after the bill was enacted. >> if someone is buying a brand new policy in the individual market today or last week they will have consumer protections for the first time. >> some people like to drink outs of a red solo cup and a crystal stem. you're taking away their choice. >> many republicans are calling for sabilas to step down. so far the secretary has showed no signs she's leaving. in washington, danielle nottingham, wjz eyewitness news. >> the president is in boston today expected to defend his healthcare law that went into effect there. >>> an early morning house fire in northwest baltimore leaves a man dead. the fire broke out just after 5:00 this morning in the 3800 block of hilton road. the victim was found on the second floor. he later died at the hospital. the cause of that fire is still under investigation. >>> two lanes of i-95 are shut down this noon in joppa
president obama repeatedly said if you like your insurance, you can keep it. >> so he has been on the same page from the very start. yet the regulations changed months after the bill was enacted. >> if someone is buying a new policy in the individual market today or last week, they will have consumer protections for the first time. >> some people like to drink out of a red solo cup, not a crystal stem. you're taking away their choice. >> reporter: many republicans want sebelius fired but so far she is not leaving. danielle nottingham cbs news capitol hill. >> president obama arrived in boston where he is expected to defend obamacare. >>> the nation's budgets problems are back in the spotlight. house and senate negotiators are having their first formal talks since reaching a temporary deal to end the recent government shutdown. they are now aiming to reach a long-term agreement before the temporary budget expires january 15. >>> new details on the nsa spying scandal. now we are learning they allegedly tapped phones at the vatican, as well. the nsa spied on top cardinals as they prepared to
of obama care. take a listen. >> nobody's losing their right to health care coverage, and no insurance company will ever be able to deny you coverage or drop you as a customer altogether. those days are over and that's the truth. that is the truth. >> all right. we'll get to fact checking in just a minute. the president was in boston because he wanted to use romney care as an example of a slow starting, but successful health care reform law. listen to this one. >> and by the way, all the -- all the parade of horribles, the worst predictions about health care reform in massachusetts never came true. >> all right. now cnbc had a special producer fact-checking the president's speech and he looked into this claim right away and here are some pack, okay? premiums in massachusetts have soared. they have the most expensive individual insurance premiums in the country. we also know that emergency room and doctor waiting times are among the highest in the country and let's not forget that taxes and spending in recent years to support the plan are under governor duval patrick have gone up substa
the positive as peppecf obama care, people can't get kicked off, they can get health insurance with pre-existing conditions, young people can stay on the parents program until 26. >> i came to washington as a physician to have health care reform. i saw we had problematic system and and wanted to fix it. the problem is that what is the cost of what we're achieving now and the cost is too high. as you know, people are being kicked off of their present insurance and now they will have to pay a lot more for the new obama care. >>. >> what do you say about people not continuing the bar evidee b health sure policies, now they will be forced to get something that meets higher standards but will be more expensive? >> a lot of people it's quite the opposite. many more will get health care in my home state of new york for cheaper rate than they currently get it. we need to make sure that we fix it as best we can. but there are always cases that are cited as if it's the norm. items n it's not the norm. there are some people and we have to try to make those people whole, but we think the affordable
a second. that's what a cancellation letter looks like. this is what obama care is. you have insurance you like it and it gets taken away from you. >> read the pertinent parts. >> it says your existing policy will end be placed with a new policy and premium rates this is because of healthcare reform called the affordable care act. >> in fact the latest estimates show up to 80 percent of people who purchase their own insurance they lose coverage because of obama care. >> while you were sleeping blinding dust storm leaves to a massive pileup that left three people dead and dozens injured. this happened on an interstate 60 miles south of phoenix. look at this mess. 19 people including cars, trucks even a motor home were caught up in the mayhem. >> this is a chain reaction. that last truck was driving pretty fast. he just pushed everybody over into me on the side of the road. car after car truck after truck. boom, boom, boom. >> crews are cleaned up the scene and reopened all of the lanes of the highway. >> now to the latest development in one family's search for answers after their son was fo
on the obama administration's health insurance website. sebelius told the house energy and commerce committee she apologizes for access problems that have been "miserably frustrating" for many americans and said she's accountable for fixing them - by the end of november. she added that the system is female announcer: female announcer: when you see this truck, it means another neighbor is going to sleep better tonight because they went to sleep train's ticket to tempur-pedic event. choose from a huge selection of tempur-pedic models, including the new tempur-choice with head-to-toe customization. plus, get 36 months interest-free financing, two free pillows, and free same-day delivery. are you next? announcer: but don't wait. sleep train's ticket to tempur-pedic is ending soon. ♪ your ticket to a better night's sleep ♪ i want you to know stuff i want you to be kind. i want you to be smart. super smart. i want one thing in a doctor. i want you to be handsome. i want you to be awesome. i don't want you to look at the chart before you say hi...david. i want you to return my emails. i want you
-marie green. well, president obama heads to boston today where he'll talk about his health insurance law. the affordable care act has been plagued by serious computer glitches, and there are now charges the president mislead consumers. susan mcginnis is in washington. susan, good morning. >> anne-marie, good morning. in boston the president will ask for patience from americans through this health care rollout, and he'll try to draw comparisons with assachusetts, a health care experience, with what's known as romney care. he's also facing a lot of questions about those earlier promises he made to americans that if they like their health insurance plan, they can keep it, and here on capitol hill today a senate panel will grill the president's top health care official. kathleen sebelius will be in the hot seat today, testifying in front of a house committee about problems with >> the president should ask the secretary of human health and services kathleen sebelius to resign her position because of the disastrous rollout of obama care. >> in prepared testimony, secretary sebe
also alleged she's barred by law from enrolling in obama care. mo are on that in a moment. cnn is it reporting the administration is pressuring insurance executives to keep quiet, which would be an illegal abuse of power, if it turns out to be true. which part of this does not resemble some of what happened in 1973-'74, including a president whose operative explanation keeps changing. van -- >> nobody is losing their right to health care coverage. for the vast jon of people who have health care coverage that works, you can keep it. for the fewer than 5% of american that is buy insurance on your own, you will be getting a better deal. >> before -- let me just point out, this is the man who spent three years and thousands of references to no one will lose their health insurance. today for the first time, he began to modify that blanket commitment, but i suspect you don't totally agree. >> there's so much wrong on what you said, it will take the entire show to try to correct the record. i will say this. to even mention nixon in the middle of all this is to put the hype in hyperbol
house ought to be involved and enrolled in the obama health care law and not to have to buy insurance on a exchanges. none of them -- they all have exemptions from the health care law. i think they all should be involved. he is right, and it is not just people losing their coverage but they have to go and buy insurance and get hit with sticker shock because they are seeing it turned out to be a lot more expensive. the president promised easier to use an amazon, cheaper than yourself down, and you can keep your doctor. the american people feel deceived. >> and that is important. the way they tried to keep prices down is to have tight networks which means you probably won't get to see your doctor or go to the usual hospital. gerri: at think we are all headed -- headed to the our rain. i want you to hear something from congressman lee terry. when will we get details, no, understand how many people being enrolled? here is what he had to say. >> that should be a pretty reliable number. >> the system is not functioning. we are not getting that reliable data. gerri: the secretary says essent
kathleen sebelius. dean tweeting, take the money wasted on obama care and buy insurance for those who could not afford it. it would be cheaper. rodney tweeting, it's circus, political games from both sides. just terrible. and finally, a prehalloween tweet. the doggies dress up as a football player and a bunch of grapes. have a great day. >>> more of our tax dollars going to waste. we've learned that one government agency spent $50,000 on a parody movie. today, lawmakers are asking for answers, but one former official does not care to talk. >>> plus, how are things at home? wondering if your relationship's going to last? why don't you ask facebook? because today researchers say facebook can predict whether your relationship will survive. and the key, who your friends are. we'll show you what to look for. >>> and virgin america tries to get passengers to pay attention to inflight instructions. ♪ >>> that is a safety dance.
they will have a new health insurance plan, how much has this damage resident obama's credibility with the -- president obama's credibility with the public. the government has a vital role, and the government can work for people. he ran on that. he mentions that often. this obamacare policy is a test of that. if it went well he would be able to convince americans this works and it matters. i think this is calling it into question. this is able to move past struggle and americans get this assurance, if he can survive constant republican criticism, they have been pretty successful. to the point where there is data that shows this has been working, he will be able to turn a corner, but it is unclear how it will work. >> you mentioned the idea logical commitment to the idea that the government can be useful in your life. this is such a divide, but do you think in this instant you may have people who have supported the president to have come away from this saying, maybe i was wrong. maybe government isn't the best organization to run health care. good example is a of how they clash. pe
as not only the obama administration and democratic make app coflect tick but healthcare insurance companies are scared there will be some form of delay on the individual mandate because of the result, will be that tear up their business model, as you know, and tear up profits, we're looking at prospect here, if there is a careful reasoning and careful understanding among everyone about a direction to head toward, that we're talking about a second of the economy that is now vulnerable, because the web site did not work, and obamacare is built on what is a very, very faulty assumption, and presumption because of mandate, that young people will sign up for health care they don't need. these risks are very high. where are the republicans headed now, and what is the course you all will follow? >> we are going to continue to get to the bottom of this you point odd one major issue, the cyber security issue, as you heard, that you know we're concerned about that you know, therure americans who are managing to get on to web site at this point, at some time, they are vulnerable it cyber security issu
promise made by president obama that people who had an insurance plan that they liked would be able to keep the plan. here is an example of the exchange. >> responsible for overseeing this project is it you or your designee. >> i'm not pointing fingers at verizon. we own the site. the site has had serious problems -- >> who is in charge. >> the person now in charge is qssi -- >> who was in charge as it was being built. >> it was in charge up until -- >> who is the individual -- >> michelle snyder. >> michelle snyder is the one responsible for this debacle. >> excuse me, congress woman, michelle snyder is not accountable for the debacle. hold me accountable, i'll responsible. >> that exchange had to do with the contractor who was hired to built the site. secretary sebelius in intense questioning by representative blackburn. >> obviously she has had better days, have we heard from the democrats. what are they saying today? >> well the democrats of course are making sure that they point out instances where the site -- where the program is working. the affordable care act is working if
them because their current policies don't conform to new obama care insurance requirements. same advisors are quick to say the following, website is getting better and will be fully working in a month. over time they will be able to find better coverage and possibly health care subsidies through the website when it's fully operational. what does massachusetts have to do with this? as you said norah, with the first date in 2006 to pass the law requiring universal coverage penalizing businesses and individuals that didn't sign up. the website had a tough roll out. people waited until the last minute to sign up. some parts of the law were delayed. over time satisfaction grew and most residents liked the law. that will be the president's message today. bumpy startups are nothing new for changes. obama care will eventually work out. that's a tough message but the only one the white house has. he goes to massachusetts to deliver it. >> thank you. top intelligence leaders are challenging reports the u.s. has been monitoring phone calls by millions of europeans. the
. obama care is employer based insurance how it changes with regulations and individual market outside of the exchanges and every policy that is going to be obama care ordained is going to have a lot of regulations imposed and limiting the number of tests and treatments i can order and most importantly for the doctors, reducing the fees that were paid. >> dr. siegel obama care were for people who didn't have health insurance and using emergency rooms. they now get preventative care. if doctors are not participate negligent affordable care act, how does that change the scenario? >> when i hear about the mammogram or colon oscopy. it is something that a patient is entitled to. never a doctor offering it. you can have a insurance card entitled to a certain procedure but i may not be there to do it and this is the most important reason you got dismal results on the poll, the networks are shrinking. doctors can't practice if they refer you to anybody. if i don't have a obsti trician orchidny expert or surgeon to use, how well will i practice medicine. i might might be only accepting cash. y
people cannot or do not sign up for health insurance, can obama care be saved? with me from washington, two of the best a.b. stoddard, associate editor of the hill, and ryan lizza. hello to both of you again. >> hello, brooke. >> hello, hello. you both watches the hearing along with us. i want to ask what piqued your political interest in a minute. first, this is the list we wanted from you. three ways to save obama care. we asked you both for your prescriptions. a.b., i'm beginning with you first. taking a look at your list, you say fix the website. you say, increasesebelius. >> right, you say increase penalties for opted out, and number three, launch a p.r. campaign of obama care happy stories. a.b., let me hone in on this increasing penalties for opting out. what do you mean? >> well, at this point, the penalty for 2014 for opting out is $95 or 1% of your income, very low. that's in the out years and it will drive more and more people to reconsider the paying the penalty to the irs and actually joining the exchanges. what we need is the young and healthy people in there right now. a
their insurers who say because of obama care, they're no longer going to be in the individual market or at least with that plan in the individual market and the result is this person from cove, oregon, said i was paying $600 for a $3,000 deductible now it costs $800 for a $5,000 dedu deductib deductible. a woman whose job had 40 hours, now down to 29, neither has health insurance nor enough income to live on her own because of the way this law is getting implemented. i realize my time has expired. >>> general lady from colorado. >> thank you very much, mr. chairman, and thank you, secretary, for being with us today. i want to follow up on a couple of those questions that mr. walden was asking you about cgi. as you know, chairman issa released this document, monthly status report from cgi last night and it looks to me like sort of a technical document that has a punch list of outstanding open issues. some of them do highlight items that upon first read seem to be alarming. for example, one of the entries said due to the compressed schedule there's not enough time built in to allow for adequate pe
companies, which offer cheap insurance like julie's left out basics now required by obama care like hospital coverage, maternity, mental health or prescription drugs and now are forced to cancel those plans and replace them. julie's new premium would be $210 a month. three times more than she pays now if she takes the insurance company's alternative. three independent health care experts tell abc news, julie and the others are likely to find plans just as cheap or cheaper on the marketplace when it is fully functional. and with better coverage. julie tells us that she doesn't have hospital care on this cheap insurance plan. is that dangerous? >> absolutely. that is an enormous hole in her coverage. >> reporter: over sold or big lie as the president's opponents contend. the white house says america's under insured will be better off with obama care. jim avila, abc news, washington. >>> in other growing controversy also heard on capitol hill, the head of national intelligence is defending the practice of spying on global leaders. james clapper says the practice is necessary in order to find ou
by president obama they could keep the insurance they had? a growing number of republicans are calling for sebelius to step down or be fired. president obama will talk health care in boston this afternoon. he will compare his act with the health care plan in massachusetts implemented by governor romney. the plans similar and romney's version had rollout problems, too. >> you can access health insurance marketplace through cover california with the link on our website along with other valuable information at >> a state committee will hold a hearing next week to look into the deaths of two bart workers kyle while they were on strike. they want to get to the bottom of the accident on november 7. the national transportation safety board is investigating the accident that killed the engineers chris shepard and larry daniels while inspecting cracks in walnut creek when they are hit by a fast-moving train operated by a trainee. >> members of the two biggest unions vote for a deal on the four year contract that ended the strike. workers get 15.4 percent raise over four years and
health insurance plan, how much has this damage resident obama's credibility with the -- president obama's credibility with the public. >> certainly the government has a vital role, and the government can work for people. he ran on that. he mentions that often. this obamacare policy is a test of that. if it went well he would be able to convince americans this works and it matters. i think this is calling it into question. if he is able to move past this struggle and americans get this assurance, if he can survive constant republican criticism they have been pretty successful. if he can get to the point where there is data that shows this has been working, he will be able to turn a corner, but it is unclear how it will work. >> you mentioned the idea logical commitment to the idea that the government can be useful in your life. this is such a divide, but do you think in this instant you may have people who have supported the president to have come away from this saying maybe i was wrong. maybe government isn't the best organization to run health care. >> i think it is a good example of h
health insurance will not be able to renew their plans. >> president obama repeatedly said anybody who likes their health care coverage can keep it. the reality is insurance companies are required to make adjustments to comply with the law. hundreds of thousands of consumers in state after state are forced to cancel plans unless they had them prior to march 2010, when the new law was passed. starting next year under the affordable care act, insurance companies must me essential health benefits. 10 must be covered, including doctors visits,: >> any plan that does not include all of these can no longer be offered. insurance companies are sending cancellation letters. the people most affected are those that buy insurance such as freelancers and independent contractors. in all, 14 million americans by insurance this way. nearly everything else who gets insurance through employers or medicare has a plan that meets the new standards. the irony in all of this is according to the kaiser foundation which has been studying this for years, half the people who get the cancellation notices will pay
. >> reporter: obama care confusion reaches beyond the webb. insurance companies are dropping people's plans. something the president promised wouldn't happen. sebelius struggled to explain. why many of those plans do not have beefed up coverage required under the new law. >> the policy that they had may not exist but they have a lot of choices of new policies. >> reporter: that you wills called it unfair. >> some people like to drive a ford. not a ferrari. and some people like the drink out of a red solo cup. an crystal stem. you're taking away their choice. >> reporter: and republicans came armed with constituent horror stories and pointed out questions why sebelius herself isn't joining in the exchange. >> i am not eligible because i have coverage -- >> you can decide to drop your coverage of your employer. you have the choice to decide not to choose. >> that is not true, sir. >> reporter: it turns out sebelius is right. she is prohibited from getting health insurance through obama care exchange. but it is not because she is a cabinet sector because as she seemed to indicate there, she is
? caller: we were all misinformed on this obama care. insurance,not have this was supposed to be the opportunity for everyone to be able to get the insurance that they could afford. companies are having to cancel insurance because they do not comply to the new obama care. host: the white house, the president have been misleading the american public. look at the headline here -- credibility under fire. obama'ss say that health pledge was too rosy in the white house insists they did not mislead the public about the law. although president obama never mentioned it specifically, his promise referred to people who uninterrupted health insurance coverage dating back inbefore the law's enactment 2010. the president's promises were , it was not a precise enough message. that is in the washington times this morning. jeremy, tampa, florida. caller: how are you doing? host: good morning. caller: i was going to comment on his accountability. not think obama has any accountability. him get-- when i saw into office, i watched him. i have seen him. the things he is doing -- all of the peo
's ceo was asked about the new health law and report that says the obama administration knew millions of americans would not be able to keep their insurance plans. >> the only people who can keep their plan indefinitely are people who in the individual and small group market were in that% market before march 23rd, 2010 and over that period from march 2010 until now did not change plans. >> acquisitions that the white house misled people to believe they could keep insurance plans and the website resulted in heated questions on capitol hill today about what went wrong and who is to blame. bertha coombs has more. >> reporter: mike was surprised when anthem blue cross notified him the family health plan would no longer before offered. >> the primary reason they said is there is ten or 11 components that every plan has to carry. >> reporter: the retierped executive say as comparable plan on will cost twice as much 140 0 a month. >> i was shocked to find out my plan was being cancelled and not compliant and my shock, i guess, kind of turned maybe to anger. >> reporter: there
. the affordable care act. president obama came out and he just dispelled a bunch of lies through a bunch of water on the biggest myth about the affordable care act. he called out the so-called junk insurance policies. this is what we focused our program on last night. it's almost as if the president was watching verbatim. junk insurance is what this is all about. and the president, front and center today, explained that this is what the law was designed to get rid of! >> it is also true that some americans who have health insurance plans that they bought on their own through the old individual market are get being notices from their insurance company suggesting that somehow because the affordable care act, they may be losing their existing health insurance plans. this has been the latest flurry in the news. because there's been a lot of confusion and misinformation about this, i want to explain just what's going on. one of the things health reform was designed to do was to help not only the uninsured, but also the underinsured. and there are a number of americans, fewer than 5% of americans, who
offered cheap insurance like julie's left out basics required by obama care, such as hospital coverage, maternity, mental health and prescription drugs and are forced to cancel those plans and replace them. julie's new premium would be $210 a month, three times more than she pays now if she takes the insurance company's alternative. three independent health care experts tell abc news, julie and the others are likely to find plans just as cheap or cheaper on the marketplace when it's fully functional and with better coverage. >> julie tells us that she doesn't have hospital care on this cheap insurance plan. is that dangerous? >> absolutely. that's an enormous hole in her coverage. >> reporter: oversold or big lie as the president's opponents contend. the white house says america's underinsured will be better off with obama care. jim avila, abc news, washington. >>> we move on to a milestone for countless families across the east coast. it's been one year since super storm sandy hit, changing landscapes and lives. these pictures tell the story, devastation on the jersey shore. that's se
their own insurance were told by president obama they could keep their plans suddenly cannot. >> we're talking about the 5%, who purchase insurance on the individual market. that market has been like the wild west. >> reporter: that 5% in the individual insurance market translates to 14 million people. the real question now about the wild west, is whether the president was fast and loose with the facts. >> if you like your private health insurance plan, you can keep your plan. period. >> reporter: the white house is now adding all kinds of contact and qualifier saying, what he meant is, anyone who had insurance before healthcare of signed into law in 2010 is grandfathered in, except on third anniversary of bill signing president put out a written statement using present tense, quote, if you like the plan you have, you can keep it, monday night, top white house advisory took to twitter to claim, nothing in obamacare forces people out of their healthy plans, no change is requires unless insurance companies change existing plans, liberal columnist responded in new york magazine that ne
the fact that president obama promised people that they could keep the insurance that they had if they wanted to, but many americans are reporting that that is not happening. here is an example of the exchange. >> what do you say to mark and lucinda in my district who had a plan, liked it, it was affordable, but it is being terminated. >> insurance companies cancel individual policies year in and year out. they are not lifetime plans. >> let me move on -- [ overlapping speakers ] >> it's what they wanted, and i will remind you, some people like to drive a ford not a ferrari, you are take away their choice. >> well, dell that was just a sample of what secretary sebelius has been experiencing all through the morning and into the afternoon and more to come. >> and randall with 41 votes to do away with what republicans are calling obamacare, i don't think she was expecting a warm welcoming. what are the democrats saying? >> well, at least a few have asked her to modify the plan. one asked to extend the sign-on period. and she said four months would be enough. and another one, a dem
another way allstate is changing car insurance for good. >>> president obama is in boston, not for world series game six, but obama care. the person he put in charge for launching the program was grilled on capitol hill. it is where mitt romney signed his state's health care reform in 2006. mitt will not be there today. keep a number out for this number, 123, the total number of people who enrolled in the commonwealth's case in its first month. as we know, enrollment later spiked and that's one message the president will push as an indicator that obama karen rollment might be off to a slow start but will pick up. joining him on the stage, deval patrick and state workers. kathleen sebelius answered questions from frustrated lawmakers on the botched rollout. what's next for the site and millions of canceled subpar plans. >> let me
the difference between president obama saying if you have health insurance, you'll be ail to keep it. in fact, some people are being thrown off the roles. they will explain that there was some fine print there, which basically meant if your health insurance plan changed after the health care law took effect, then it was possible that you would not be able to continue to keep that, but if it was the same before the health care law took effect, then you can keep it. obviously, it's very confusing and it's not exactly in line with what the president said. that's a huge contribution that the white house and see bellous are going to have a hard time explaining. >> we'll certainly see what comes out of today's hearing. randall pinkton joining us from washington, thank you. >> insurance companies have begun sending notices to hundreds of thousands of americans informing them them not be able to continue with their policies. we have a closer look. >> for several years, president obama has said repeatedly that anyone who likes their existing health care coverage can keep it, but insurance companies ar
's the same thing today. a lot of people have private insurance policy that are going to explode on them and the moment they get sick drop them for coverage, for them into bankruptcy. thanks to obama care, those policies are no longer going to be an option. that is generally in our better interests both in controlling costs and providing quality care to more americans and people are going to see more affordable options they can move into. >> will, go ahead. that's a fact she said. >> i'm glad we're talking about the parts of obama care that are working. website and marsha blackburn's, what she's making evident to us it's not functional, that's one side. the other side is the part of obama care actually working. i don't know how to say this. the first step you take is you expose the lie. did president obama not say continuously if you like your health care, you can keep it? that's false. apparently what he meant is if he likes your health care. he can keep it. now sally's rationalization is we're replacing it with something better. i like sally but this is something we're hearing not just
, this is interesting because he said his company dropped his health insurance after obama care was passed. premiums went up 40%, and he has sleep apnia and can't get on to on the carolina site, but you should try to call somebody because somebody like you is who this law was intended to help. >> if you have sleep apnia, you're up all night. call at 4:00 in the morning. >> one more thing. up next. ♪ knee deep in the water somewhere ♪ stick with innovation. stick with power. stick with technology. get the flexcare platinum. new from philips sonicare. >>> all right, time for one more thing. can you go to i put up an article. why failure matters and matters big time. very, very important. bob, you're up. >> okay, missouri. i talked about this three weeks ago, four weeks ago. andrea brought it to my attention. reginald griffin was convicted of murdering another inmate. he was convicted by prosecutors and sent to death row. and he didn't do it. actually, somebody else admitted to doing it. so the missouri supreme court overturned his conviction, yet the ra
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